Dot Com Miner – what our clients have to say

In all the years that Dot Com Miner has been around, we have worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects ranging from the simplest internet research projects to the most enveloping and complex internet marketing strategies and their analysis. Over the years, we have made friends with majority of our clients and when we asked them to share their views on how we do business and how we have (hopefully) helped them advance their business, they were more than glad to share their opinion of Dot Com Miner with you.

I approached Dot Com Miner back in 2009 when I was thinking of taking my chain of fishing stores online. I was not sure whether it would be the best move for my business since the investment was quite a large one and I was not sure whether it would make any sense. I approached Dot Com Miner and asked them if they could find out whether such a move would have business sense of any kind. They have agreed to do the research for me and after about a month, they came back with the figures. Together, we analyzed the figures and according to them, the move had more than enough business sense. I decided to implement online store to my business and today, I am making most of my income online. Without Dot Com Miner, who knows whether I would have had the guts to make the move?

Lance Gordon, Gordon Fishing Equipment

My name is S. B. and I have worked for a company that I would like to keep anonymous due to the nature of what I am about to tell you. Namely, sometime around 2010, we noticed that for some reason, our brand was not faring that well among the younger crowd, especially girls from 12 to 16 years of age. We have had a number of agencies and firms try and figure this out for us but none of them had any success except for Dot Com Miner. We approached them and they were able to tell us exactly what was wrong in matter of weeks. The problem was identified, we worked together on the solution and everything improved after that.


I work for a government agency that was interested in finding out various internet user tendencies in a certain field. We did not know where to start doing this and that is when we came acrossDot Com Miner and their list of services. We decide to give them a call and they told us that they could research this for us in three months. It was a huge project that took into consideration thousands of people and their internet use tendencies but Dot Com Miner managed to deliver the results in time and with spectacular precision and accuracy.

James Malloy, HIHRYA